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This is a great question I get asked and the answer depends upon the age of your child. As with anything though, always seek the advice of a qualified naturopath, clinical aromatherapist or your GP as the health of your child will also have to be taken into consideration.

Essential Oils shouldn’t be used on or around children under 6 months of age as their immune systems are immature and their skins highly sensitive.

You can start to introduce essential oils via a diffuser from the age of 6 months and only with Essential oils that are child safe. It also best to use the diffuser intermittently as young children are sensitive to aromas. It is very important to only use Essential oils and not fragrance oils as fragrance oils are full of chemicals and toxic ingredients. When selecting an Essential Oil it is also best to try and find a Certified Organic brand. This way you will know the oil is botanically pure and hasn’t been rectified or adapted in anyway.

To use Essential Oils topically (in very low dilutions and always with a carrier oil) should only be applied to children aged 2 and over and again, only with child safe Essential Oils. This should also only be done sparingly as a child’s immune system is still developing and allergies can appear. If at anytime you are not sure, always seek the advice of a professional that knows your child’s health and history.

Each oil listed in the shop has the appropriate age listed as well as dilutions and warnings. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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