Melanie’s Holistic Healing is devoted to providing Australian made and owned, toxic free, all natural, cruelty free products to assist with nourishing your body and nurturing your mind.

We understand that sorting through ingredient labels and making sure what a company claims as ‘all natural’ really is all natural is time consuming. We want to make your shopping experience easy and we want to hand you the best advice and up to date information that we know of. This way you can simply click on a product and see if you like it, rather than hoping our claims are honest.

We do all the hard work for you. The items we source, the products we make (and ingredients we use) have to tick all our boxes

  • Must be Australian made and owned
  • Must be completely toxic free
  • Must be completely natural, no nasties in sight!
  • Must be cruelty free
  • Must be animal product free…VEGAN!
  • As a bonus, we try to stock (and use) as many organic ingredients as possible!

We also believe in transparency and so have listed each and every ingredient (no matter how big or small) that is in each product. We want to do this so if you are sensitive to a product or have an allergy it will make your life a lot easier. If we aren’t sure about an ingredient in a product we source, we don’t use or stock it!