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Magnesium Nourish Body Scrub

Caim & Able Magnesium Body Scrub – NOURISH


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The tropical, summery scent of coconut combined with the refreshing citrus zest of lime.  A gentle exfoliating scrub that polishes off dead skin cells, leaving the skin ready to fully absorb the valuable nutrients and oils. Leaves skin beautifully smooth and smelling of a summers day. Suitable for all skin types.

Safix Body and Feet Pad

Safix Foot & Body Scrub Pad

5.00 out of 5

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SAFIX FOOT & BODY CARE SCRUB PAD is made from natural coconut fibre. It gently exfoliates your feet and body and whilst it produces more suds it actually allows you to use less soap. This all natural scrub pad lasts for several months and is completely non toxic. The pad refreses and massages your skin, removing impurities and giving your body and a deep clean.

Tea Tree & Sweet Orange Body Wash

Tea Tree & Sweet Orange Body Wash 500ml


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Mt. Retour Tea Tree & Sweet Orange Body Wash is enriched with Certified Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil and Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil that cleanses and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and lightly scented all day.

Magnesium Protect Body ScrubProtect Body Salts

Caim & Able Magnesium Body Scrub – PROTECT


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Protect body scrub is exfoliating, soothing & skin protecting. Handmade with ingredients which have been used for centuries to promote wellness, this luxurious scrub will polish your skin and soothe the mind and soul. Suitable for all skin types.

Magnesium Restore Body Scrub

Caim & Able Magnesium Body Scrub – RESTORE


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Restore body scrub is made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients for rejuvenating dull, dry skin. With 100% virgin ground coffee beans and loaded with caffeine to diminish cellulite, stretch marks and scarring, it’s just the thing for an early-morning or after-hours skin-tox, perfect for a pick-me-up whenever necessary. Suitable for all skin types.

Spoonful of sugar exfoliating scrub

Spoonful of Sugar Exfoliating Scrub 100gm


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Happy Skincare have added some wonderful ingredients to the sugar to give you a skin loving, nutrient dense scrub.

  • MSM adds some beauty sulphur the already long list of skin loving minerals.
  • Bamboo is a super-fine, eco-friendly gentle exfoliation aid. It works hand in hand with the sugar to get rid of the dead skin cells.
  • Cucumber Oil cools, soothes and calms. It is high in phytosterols and tocopherols. So while the sugar is kicking the dead skins out, cucumber oil is giving a helping hand by nourishing the new cells.