Reiki Treatment

A session lasts a minimum of 1 hour. It is completed fully clothed whilst laying down in a relaxed state. Reiki is a hands on healing that taps into the Universal Energy System. Excellent for alleviating stress, promoting relaxation and improving your health and wellbeing.

1 hour – $40

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a Japanese healing technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation. The technique was created by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk, early in the 20th century. The healing takes place by the practitioner channelling ‘life force energy’ to improve and re-balance the body’s energy systems, allowing the reactivation of the body’s natural healing abilities. This is done with the practitioner gently laying their hands on or over various positions on the recipient’s body. This is conducted fully clothed and with the recipient laying or sitting down. This non-invasive, holistic & safe healing technique can be experienced by everyone, young or old.


What are the benefits of Reiki?

* Creates deep relaxation, helping to relieve stress and tension

* Activates the body’s natural ability to heal

* Dissolves energy blocks and re-balances the body’s energy systems

* Promotes a restful sleep

* Can relieve pain and reduce blood pressure

* Boosts the immune system and helps to detoxify

* Can increase energy levels

* Helps with emotional cleansing

* Complements both medical and natural treatments

What happens during an appointment?

An appointment lasts for approximately one hour. Shorter and longer appointments can be arranged. The healing will take place with the recipient laying on a massage table, fully clothed and relaxing. During the hour, various hand positions on or over the head and body will be applied (both traditional hand placement and intuitive placements). You may feel heat or tingling where the hands are placed, this is the energy flowing through. Quite often crystals will also be used as well as aromatherapy. Most recipients use this hour to meditate, sleep or just relax.

Can everyone experience a Reiki Healing?

As Reiki is a complementary healing technique that is non-invasive, everyone can benefit. During a session, however, essential oils are used so if you are pregnant, have a medical condition or are allergic to certain essential oils, please advise upon booking.

What to expect in the days following a healing?

Everyone has different reactions following a Reiki healing, some have no reactions at all. This is all normal, however, here are some common reactions you may experience.

* physically feeling invigorated or lethargic

* feelings of peace, calmness or of being stress free

* physically detoxing

* releasing of emotions

If you have any questions regarding the Reiki technique, please visit our Contact page and leave a message or send us an email.

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